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Meet our Sponsors! 
The generous support of our sponsors makes the 2024 U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit possible. Scroll to view content they are excited to share with you.    

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Platinum Sponsor:  Vinventions

Vinventions is committed to sustainability. Join us in preserving the environment by choosing Nomacorc Ocean. By using recycled Ocean Bound Plastic, Nomacorc Ocean is part of the value chain to reduce OBP waste that would otherwise damage the marine ecosystem. Together, let's make a difference! Learn more.  

Contact: Ryan Norton, +1-760-420-9035, Email

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Gold Sponsor:  Bubble Paper

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Gold Sponsor:  California Wines

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Gold Sponsor: CSS Crop Nutrition Products & Pet Food Ingredients




Silver Sponsor:  Biofiltro

BioFiltro is a Davis, CA based firm that provides a regenerative solution for wastewater treatment. Our patented Biodynamic Aerobic (BIDA®) technology harnesses the power of worms and microbes to digest wastewater contaminants, such as BOD5, TSS, and Total Nitrogen. Within an energy-efficient four-hour process, out flows clean water compliant with the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) winery discharge requirements, allowing wineries to reduce their land application area and reuse water for irrigation. Instead of generating sludge, our co-benefit is worm castings, a nutritious soil amendment. The rich microbial activity within these castings promotes soil health, nutrient cycling, crop yield, water retention, and carbon sequestration. Learn more:

Contact: Sarah Haupt, Sales Engineer, Cell 714-496-4223,

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Silver Sponsor:  Protected Harvest

​Protected Harvest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California whose principal mission is to advance the use of verifiable, sustainable agriculture practices. Protected Harvest functions first and foremost as an independent certifier. Led by a Board of Directors that is comprised of farmers, agricultural experts, scientists, training providers, and supply chain sustainability experts, Protected Harvest also conducts reviews of standards developed by industry-leading organizations, to provide third-party validation and confirm they are based on sound science and designed to promote continuous improvement.




Supporter Sponsor:  Aztec Solar

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Supporter Sponsor:  Farm Credit 

AgWest Farm Credit, American AgCredit, and CoBank, are cooperatively-owned lending institutions providing agriculture and rural America with a dependable source of credit.  We specialize in financing farmers, ranchers, farmer-owned cooperatives, rural utilities and agribusinesses. Farm Credit offers a broad range of loan products and financial services, including long-term real estate loans, operating lines of credit, equipment and facility loans, cash management and appraisal and leasing services…everything a “growing” business needs. 

Contact: Linda Sadler, (775) 677-7876,




Supporter Sponsor:  Kennedy Jenks

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Supporter Sponsor:  SSU Wine Business Institute

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Supporter Sponsor:  Wexus Technologies

Get a free energy audit + proposal with your $ ROI at our website. Summit members get a free 20% annual discount.

Contact: Chris Terrell, (415) 429-6038, 

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Media Sponsor:  American Vineyard Magazine

Proudly informing wine, raisin and table grape growers since 1992, American Vineyard reaches more grape growers and PCAs in California and the U.S. than any other agricultural media with annual grower expos, monthly print publications, weekly video reports and daily online news. With editorial focus on grape growing practices and news in the wine, juice, raisin and table grape industries, American Vineyard is the only publication that covers the entire grape industry.  Subscribe today to receive American Vineyard Magazine for free, or advertise to reach grape growers and PCAs.

Contact: Matthew Malcolm, Editor-in-Chief
Direct: (559) 481-8568, Office: (559) 298-6020, Email

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Media Sponsor:  The Somm Journal 

The Somm Journal and The Tasting Panel are the most widely distributed, national print magazines for the wine and spirits industry, targeted to on- and off-premise buyers.

Contact: Meridith May, Publisher, Email

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Media Sponsor:  Wine Business Monthly

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